HYCO Technology
loT Innovator
Since its establishment in 2009, HYCO Technology has insisted on original research and innovative product development. After more than ten years of hard R&D and technology accumulation by the core R&D team, HYCO has launched a series of intelligent wearable scanning identification products and high-precision sensor products with fully independent intellectual property rights. Through total solution, HYCO realizes the liberation of hands and brain, thus improving production efficiency, achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase, reducing employee labor intensity and reducing energy consumption. The products have been widely used in JD.com, Ali, Xiaomi, SF Express and other enterprises, and have been exported to 50+ Fortune 500 customers in Europe and America such as DHL, Walmart, Samsung, Daimler, Apple, etc. HYCO has successfully entered more than 20 national/regional markets such as Germany, Britain, Brazil, Thailand and Hong Kong.
Leading Technology

With a strong independent R&D and innovation team and a strong challenge spirit, HYCO Technology is good at ultra-low power hardware system design and embedded software and algorithm design. With the ability and experience in hardware and software design, HYCO has successfully developed the global practical finger-ring barcode scanner, thus achieving a major breakthrough to cross over to the third generation scanner when the global barcode scanning technology has remained unchanged for 40 years Miniaturization stage.

Breakthrough in microscanner:

Scanner engine section consumes only 5% of the power of conventional micromotors

Extensive experience in barcode and QR code recognition algorithm optimization

Self-developed embedded IoT operating system HYOS7.0

HYOS 7.0 system is responsive, has low memory and CPU speed resource consumption, and is fully autonomous and controllable. Besides, the RF optimization technology makes the RF signal sensitivity at the global level.

Years of R&D Experience
Export Countries/Areas
Fortune 500 customers
Wide Range of Products

HYCO Technology has been continuously launching smart wearable scanning products, all of which provide customers with comfortable wearing experience. Among them are the Ring Scanner Series, Wireless Scanner Series, Cloud PDA Series, and Logistics Watch Series, which make work easier. All products can be combined according to application scenarios and are applicable to various businesses such as government, enterprise and consumer. HYCO provides customers with the core values of efficiency enhancement, training-free, safe and reliable, green and easy work.

Broad Market
Broad market03

The market for smart wearable scanning products is broad because the demand for scanning and sensing is everywhere. In addition to supermarket counter checkout scanning to extract price information, barcode / 2D code / RIFD scanning in the fields of express delivery, logistics supply chain, food and drug traceability management, intelligent manufacturing, etc., are for data collection for real-time monitoring and later accountability tracing. Obviously the scanning market is large, and smaller, thinner, lighter and more convenient smart wearable scanning products will definitely be the main product of the scanning market. In addition, some new application scenarios such as smart field work order management, physiological and psychological monitoring and other market sales are hundreds of billions of dollars.

Smart wearable scanning products have been affirmed in the following industries, which include e-commerce, supply chain, medicine, manufacturing, super retail, FMCG, etc. The leading technology, rich products and wide market are the bases of successful cooperation.