1.1.Make sure your mobile computer is not connected to other ring scanners. If it shows ‘Connected’, simply click on ‘Disconnect’.


2.2.Scan the RESET BLUETOOTH NAME code in the Manual with your ring scanner.

3.3.Now your ring scanner is automatically connected to the mobile computer

As showed in the picture:

Touch the scanner and shoot the laser at a blank area. Keep the laser our for 2-3 seconds. Then repeat the laser emitting process for 2-10 times, then the laser width will recover to its usual state by itself. Because of the different temperatures, the device needs to calibrate itself.

The ring strip is actually a consumable and replaceable part. HYCO ring scanner package originally comes with ring straps in 5 different sizes (two straps for each size) to meet all your needs. The sizes increases from I to V as shown below:

Check if the ring strap is pushed all the way through the end of the notch. There is a simple requirement for the charging process to begin: the ring strip must be securely attached to the scanner body so that the whole device could fit perfectly onto the cradle, which enables the scanner to be charged properly.

See picture below:

When the ring scanner is in the charging state, the light on the cradle shows red.

And when the ring scanner is fully charged, the light on the cradle turns green, which indicates that the charging process is now completed.

1.Manual Trigger Scanning (default setting):
Every time you touch the scanning area on the ring scanner, the laser appears. When you release touching, the laser disappears. After the barcode be read, the laser disappears.

2.Triggered Continuous Scanning:
Every time you touch the scanning area, the laser appears. When you release touching, the laser disappears. Whereas in this case, after the barcode be read, the laser does not disappear but will be kept emitting.

3.Automatic Interval Scanning:
The ring scanner is in a condition when it constantly emits laser and spontaneously reads barcodes with no trigger needed. The scanning interval can be altered by setting the feature of the barcodes from 0.5s to 10s.

Yes, simply scan the setting codes in the manual will make the switchover. And you can always restore the default mode by scanning the code of Manually Trigger Scanning or RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS.

Both left and right sides of your ring scanner’s main body are touching areas. Lightly touch on either side will trigger the scanning process. When scanning, make sure the laser emitted fully covers the barcode so that it can be read successfully. When the recognition process is complete, the laser will flash and the scanner body vibrates as notifications.
a)If the ring scanner is connected to a computer, a tablet or another device, the light lashes green once, followed by a one-time vibration of the scanner body.
b)If it’s not connected to any devices, the light will flash green once, then yellow three times, followed by three-time vibrations.
See picture below:

1.1.Connect to computers:

* Plug the USB cable in to the computer port and the cradle respectively.
* Scan the Bluetooth connection barcode on the cradle, and wait for about 15 seconds till the blue light on the base is on.

2.2.Connect to smart terminals (tablets/smart phones):

* Turn on Bluetooth in the settings of your tablets/phones, and search for the ring scanner’s serial number. Click on to connect.
* Simply scan the code ‘OTHERS’ in the Manual.

3.3.Connect to HYCO Smart Watch:

* Open setting interface on your smart watch.
* Click on Ring Connection to get to the connection interface.
* Bring your ring scanner close to and aim at the screen of the smart watch, then touch the touching area of the scanner. They are successful connected when the light on the ring scanner flashes green.