E-commerce & Warehousing


With the rapid development of e-commerce, the number of orders has surged, making the original operation mode of many e-commerce warehouses no longer able to meet the demand for rapid growth in the number of orders. Picking and other processes can respond to peak cargo volume by increasing manpower, but the packaging review process is subject to factors such as workstations and venues, and cannot rely solely on increasing manpower to increase the order processing volume. Therefore, this process has become the weakness of the entire warehouse during peak hours.


HYCO’s plug-and-play solution andW26 ring scannerimprove operation efficiency and order processing capabilities.

Simple usage: connect the computer via the base, and connect the ring to the base via Bluetooth.
In this solution, the ring scanner worn on the finger, as a wearable scanning gun, replaces the original handheld scanner. The ring cradle is not only a Bluetooth receiver or a charger, but also an tool for preventing the ring from loss.


` Simple and plug-and-play usage. No docking needs.
` Fast data import
` Simple and convenient operation

The overall efficiency of packaging and review has increased by 30%+, and the solution has been successfully applied in many well-known domestic e-commerce warehouses.

Efficiency Improvement in Package Review

In a large e-commerce warehouse, there are about 10,000 to 12,000 stations for the packaging review station. The order processing capacity of each station is about 300-500 pieces/hour depending on the type of goods, and it works at least 8 hours a day. Such a huge amount of processing means that any little efficiency optimization will produce a qualitative change.

In the process of packing review of bulk goods in the warehouse, HYCO devices release hands and delete the unnecessary movements (taking and putting down the scanning gun), which optimize operation actions and improve efficiency. Ring Scanner has more advantages in FCL scanning: users do not have to lift the whole box, which saves time and labour.

Other Industries

High efficiency, high accuracy and easy operation. Efficiency increased by 50%+


Efficiency with plug-and-play devices is increased by 10%+

Medical Logistics

Efficiency of reviewing process in drug administration code scanning is increased by80%+

Logistics & Express

Efficiency of each logistics process is increased by 19%+