Logistics & Express


In addition to extract price information in usage of the supermarket counter checkout, purpose of code and RFID scanning is to sort out the responsibility in the express, logistics supply chain, and other areas, which provides electronic signature function in operational link transfer.

Traditional handheld scanning gun and PDA meet the demand to sort out the responsibility for the whole scanning, data collection, monitoring and later responsibility for traceability, but one hand is occupied in usage. HYCO’s wearable devices meet both quality control and productivity improvements.


After ten-year efforts, HYCO Technology has achieved the industry’s first truly practicalring scannerthat is small, light, comfortable, stable, reliable and waterproof and dustproof with long-range Bluetooth communication and passed 3-meter drop test.

Ring scanners make it more convenient for the employees are more convenient to operate with only one hand, and the operators can easily carry the goods while scanning, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and order processing speed, and enhances the company’s customer experience and brand image.

How to Use:

Wear the ring scanner on either finger of the left or right hand (recommended to wear it on the index finger), gently touch left/right side of the device and aim the light at the barcode to read barcodes fast. At the same time, the scanned barcode data is sent to the receiving device and system quickly through Bluetooth.

Before & After:


` Unrestrained Mobility
` Efficiency increased by 19%+ of each operation step
` Ergonomic design reduces labor intensity
` Reduce corporate operating costs

HYCO Technology provides complete supporting products and total wearable solutions.

Other Industries
E-commerce & Warehousing

Efficiency of picking packing is increased by 30%+


High efficiency, high accuracy and easy operation. Efficiency increased by 50%+


Efficiency with plug-and-play devices is increased by 10%+

Medical Logistics

Efficiency of reviewing process in drug administration code scanning is increased by80%+