With big data, efficient information management have gradually become popular in all walks of life. For the manufacturing industry, traditional working methods cannot collect information in the entire manufacturing process:

` When there is a product defect, it is impossible to immediately find raw material supplier, operating machine, operator, process passed, production time and date and key process parameters.
` It is not possible to prompt workers for errors in assembling components and production process errors, product mixing and shipping mistakes.
` Real-time statistics on the production site, for example, quantity of each product on each process line, yield rate, defective rate and through rate are difficult to collect.
` Unable to monitor production line personnel and equipment in real time. How much time is in production?
` Lots of labour is needed to count various production and quality reports.


With low-power technology, HYCO’s light and portable Ring Scanners help collect data easily while manufacturing and maintain visibility throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to in-stock parts, work-in-process and finished goods.


` Receiving, outbound delivery, production line reporting, and production line traceability.
` HYCO industrial-grade browser solves the technical problem of SAP’s transformation to Android system under the IE framework, and solve the difficulty of interface display for enterprises when WINCE is discontinued to Android.
` Plug-and-play solution of multi-interface production line: network cable, serial port and USB connect with various PLC industrial computer equipment in production line. Smooth operation steps.

The efficiency of the production line has been increased by 10%+, and it has been successfully applied to customers in the manufacturing industry.

Applications of W28:

Employees need to repeatedly pick and place the traditional handheld scanning device, which increases muscle fatigue and affects the efficiency of the production line. In addition, due to the large size of the handheld scanning device, it is necessary to increase the placement space, and it is required to accurately return to the position every time it is put back to avoid collision and fall, which increases the difficulty of wiring.

A fixed scanning device cannot adapt to the scanning & collection of multiple models and multiple styles of parts in the production line. Employees need to lift the parts with both hands to complete the scanning action, which increases the labor intensity of the employees and affects the cycle time of the production line.

Wearing W28 2D ring scanner on the finger for a long time will not cause fatigue and discomfort, which improves the work experience of employees. At the same time, it eliminates the need to frequently pick up and put down the handheld scanning device, and reduce the time and physical consumption from every small action and link. Employees do not need to think about where to place and store the handheld scanning device, which ensures the safety of the employees and reduces the probability of damage to the equipment.

The W28 2D ring scanner has low power consumption. As the smallest scanner on the market, it reduces the use of raw materials from the manufacturing source and saves energy. The scanner connects with other types of IOT devices with Bluetooth, so that it can be applied in more scenarios.

Other Industries
Medical Logistics

Efficiency of reviewing process in drug administration code scanning is increased by80%+

Logistics & Express

Efficiency of each logistics process is increased by 19%+

E-commerce & Warehousing

Efficiency of picking packing is increased by 30%+


High efficiency, high accuracy and easy operation. Efficiency increased by 50%+