Medical Logistics


With the continuous increase in the national medical demand and the surge in orders, the original operation mode in part of the warehousing supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry can no longer meet the demand for rapid growth in the number of orders.


HYCO W26 ring scanners release users’ hands and improve the operation efficiency and order processing ability. At the same time, in order to further improve the scanning efficiency, we can provide customers with customized services for continuous scanning.


` Hands releasing and simple operation
` Fast import

The efficiency of the trigger-type continuous scanning of the drug regulatory code can be increased by 80%+. The overall efficiency of the package review process is increased by about 10%. Trigger-type continuous scanning has been successfully applied in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

HYCO’s device and solution:

The plug-and-play solution is simple, convenient and dexterous, which developed by HYCO after ten years of R&D. To import this solution, you only need to replace the handheld scanner on site with a ring scanner. “ Small changes for big outputs”.

(Picture 1. Traditional handheld scanner)

It can be seen from Picture 1 that the user always needs to hold the traditional handheld scanner with one hand. In normal operations with two hands, employees always need to repeatedly pick up and put down the handheld scanner, which is a waste of time.

(Picture 2. HYCO Ring Scanner)

HYCO Ring Scanner has successfully released the hands of employees through wearable design. Employees do not need to repeatedly take and put down actions, which improves not only efficiency but also work experience.

Other Industries
Logistics & Express

Efficiency of each logistics process is increased by 19%+

E-commerce & Warehousing

Efficiency of picking packing is increased by 30%+


High efficiency, high accuracy and easy operation. Efficiency increased by 50%+


Efficiency with plug-and-play devices is increased by 10%+