With big data, efficient information management mode is gradually being popularized in all walks of life. For supermarkets and retailers, it has become a major challenge for them to improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs while ensuring customer service experience in the complicated merchandising.

For the supermarket retail industry, there are generally the following pain points:

1.Employees have to remember the location of thousands of goods in the mall, while the locations often change. It’s difficult for them to find goods in a short time after location changes.
2.There will be complaints about timeout order if the employee cannot finish picking.
3.Pickers memorize their own routes and may make redundant movements or even make multiple trips to the same path. This leads to inefficiency, fatigue, and late delivery. This wastes time for new employees who are unfamiliar with the product.
4.The picker needs to look up and down the list in PDA at all times to check the needed items. For unfamiliar items, it may take several passes to get the picker to remember well.
5.The staff turnover rate is large. Most of the picking staff are summer workers, temporary workers and part-time staff. New staff has extremely low efficiency, and they need about 2 months to remember the location of goods as skilled workers.
6.Some stores use paper sheets for picking, with a high picking error rate.


HYCO Technology provides a complete O2O picking solution, which includes theW27 CCD Ring Scanners: and a voice picking process.


` 50%+ increase in picking efficiency
` No error rate in picking
` No training needs

The O2O voice picking has resulted in a 50%+ efficiency improvement and has been successfully applied in Fortune 500 clients!

New solution, new device and new changes

W27 CCD Ring Scanners:

The ring is small and lightweight, ensuring long-term and comfortable wearing and improving the work experience of employees. At the same time, it eliminates the need for frequent lifting and lowering actions, reducing time and physical consumption from every small action and step; it also allows employees to carry heavy objects and to climb to high shelves to pick up goods with both hands. Working with both hands ensures the safety of the employees and reduces the probability of damage to the equipment.

The product has low power consumption. At the same time, as the smallest scanner on the market, it reduces raw materials and energy from the manufacturing source.

The device uses Bluetooth for connection, and can be connected with other kinds of IOT devices, which can expand the application program.

Voice Picking:

With efficient human-computer interaction, the picker can even save the time of repeatedly checking the order details on the PDA, and quickly locate the product through the channel positioning system to the path planning, or user will directly receive the voice broadcast of the system to inform the product information and location Area so that to complete the picking quickly.

The O2O voice picking program improves the work experience of employees, and the market effect it brings can enhance the company’s own brand image and influence, and further consolidate its position in the market.

Other Industries

Efficiency with plug-and-play devices is increased by 10%+

Medical Logistics

Efficiency of reviewing process in drug administration code scanning is increased by80%+

Logistics & Express

Efficiency of each logistics process is increased by 19%+

E-commerce & Warehousing

Efficiency of picking packing is increased by 30%+