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A round financing, HYCO Technology set out to great success

Released on Dec. 12, 2018


Hyco Technology publicly announced that, we had Acquired CASH Capital (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. A round financing.

CASH Capital (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. is considered to be the best investment organization on understanding scientific researchers, it has totally invested in more than 100 high-tech innovative companies with technical barriers since it was built. Hyco Technology successfully build a partner relationship with Cash Capital, what will we do in the future?

Carry on best product quality strategy, produce relieved products for users

HYCO will continue to promote the product quality strategy and increase our investment on research, which will enhance the user experience and enhance the company's market competitiveness, and bring better services to users.

Standardization of complete solutions, making users worry-free products

HYCO will shift from product development and iteration to the standardization of full-scale, full-view complete product solutions, providing users with peace of mind and easy-to-use products.

Enrich the team and expand the market

HYCO actively promote the expansion of global markets and industry applications, focus resources on the commercialization of technology products, focus on of the Internet of Things and the broader global market , establish a global market expansion service system, and accelerate the realization of the goal of the leader of global low-power optical identification technology products.

Technology creates the future, capital makes dreams come true!

CASH Capital (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd: the best investment organization on understanding scientific researchers

CASH Capital (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. established in 2011, it is an equity investment fund manager initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd.(For short, Guoke Holdings) as a cornerstone investor and united with a number of large enterprise groups in China. It is a first-level enterprise directly managed by Guoke Holdings. Based on the first-class technical capabilities, a large number of high-tech transformation results, and government and industry resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, rely on a professional team with rich investment management experience, Cash Capital focuses on emerging industries such as information technology (TMT) and life sciences, invests in high-tech innovative enterprises with initial stage and growth period with technical barriers. Cash Capital fund has invested in nearly 100 companies in the areas of IoT, mobile internet and services, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, financial technology, security, medical services, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

HYCO TECHNOLOGY: An original technology team working with genuineness and wisdom

Founded in 2009, HYCO Technology always insists to original R&D and technology innovation since its establishment. After years of research, development and technology accumulation by the core R&D team, hundreds times of technical iterations, we finally achieved a key breakthrough in low-power optical identification core technology based on independent research and development. The company launched a full range of smart wearable scanning recognition products with completely independent intellectual property rights, help users improve efficiency and improve the operating experience. Although the product has not been introduced to the market for a long time, it has achieved the expected results in a group of users such as DHL, Jingdong, SF, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Baishi, Xiaomi, and Bestore, and has exported to international users in more than ten countries and regions.

A round financing, HYCO Technology set out to great success