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Hand in hand with DPDHL Group to accelerate the international market!

Released on Dec. 20, 2018


HYCO Technology and the world's leading postal and logistics service company DPDHL Group formally signed the Global Cooperation Procurement Framework Agreement and became one of the global suppliers of DPDHL Group.

HYCO Technology, founded only 9 years, with 50 staffs

The world's leading postal and logistics service company DPDHL Group, 500,000 staffs.

What is the story between HYCO and DHL making HYCO Technology stand out among many outstanding technology companies and become a global partner of DPDHL Group?

2015, beginning

DHL EXPRESS is one of the first cooperative users of HYCO first ring scanner. In 2015, in a service department in Jiading District, Shanghai, the ring passed the test smoothly, and the cooperation with DHL Express was opened. The ring effectively improved the operation efficiency of the employees and improved the operation experience during the scanning and sorting, especially when the large parts were sorted .

2016 Partnership

In the steady cooperation with DHL Express, by an expected accident, HYCO started the cooperation with the DHL supply chain for innovative partners, after product testing, project testing, initial recognition, we hand in hand with DHL supply chain top customers as BMW, Coach, Siemens, Intel, HP, Michelin, Starbucks and other industries.

Hand in hand with DPDHL Group to accelerate the international market!

2017 first step in global market

Relying on core technology R&D and product solution iteration advantages, through in-depth understanding of DHL business and development of multiple customer application projects, HYCO Technology not only provides standardized wearable product solutions, but also provides customized development services for DHL according to different scenarios, helps users quickly solve application problems and improves service quality

In September 2017, DHL China Innovation Conference was held in Shanghai. This is the first time that DHL Global Innovation Conference was held in China. HYCO Technology was invited to participate in the event and gave a live speech, showing a full range of wearable scanning products and solutions to more than 400 Chinese and foreign guests who came to the conference, which have attracted the attention of many participants. After the meeting, HYCO Technology received the testing needs of DHL overseas users and began cooperation in the international market.

Hand in hand with DPDHL Group to accelerate the international market!

2018 Formally become a global supplier of DPDHL Group

HYCO Technology and DHL have successively developed 30+ domestic projects, and gradually promoted product application testing in 20+ overseas countries and regions, realized order delivery in 10+ countries and regions, and started to rapidly expand the international market.

In March 2018, DPDHL Group Vice President of Global Purchasing and Vice President of Asia Pacific Purchasing made a special trip to HYCO to discuss and exchange. The two sides jointly discussed specific cooperation matters such as procurement process and service support for entering international products.

This year, HYCO Technology officially completed the signing of the DPDHL Group Global Procurement Cooperation Framework Agreement. The creation of global cooperation by HYCO Technology in cooperation with DPDHL Group marks that the two parties will enter a stage of greater, deeper and closer innovation cooperation.

Original R&D and technological innovation are always the core driving force of HYCO Technology. With the advent of the Internet of Things era and the rapid increase in labor costs, there is an increasing shortage of common operational labor resources. Making operation more efficient, easier and simpler through smart wearable product solutions has gradually become a worldwide trend.

In the future, HYCO Technology will continue to deepen the core technology research and development and product solution iteration, focusing on product scene solution research and development, focusing on logistics and supply chain, express delivery and e-commerce, new retail and manufacturing market segments, provide a full range of products and solutions for domestic and foreign users, becoming a close partner for user value creation and value reconstruction


The DPDHL Group is the world's leading postal and logistics services company that connects people and markets and helps promote global trade. The Group's goal is to be the first choice for customers, employees and investors worldwide, contributing to the world through responsible business practices, corporate citizenship activities and environmental protection initiatives. The DPDHL Group has two prestigious brands: Deutsche Post is Europe's leading postal service provider, and DHL offers a full range of international courier, freight, supply chain management services and e-commerce logistics solutions. The Group employs approximately 520,000 people in more than 220 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, the Group's turnover exceeded 60 billion Euros.

HYCO Technology

Founded in 2009, HYCO Technology always insists to original R&D and technology innovation since its establishment. After years of research, development and technology accumulation by the core R&D team, hundreds times of technical iterations, we finally achieved a key breakthrough in low-power optical identification core technology based on independent research and development. The company launched a full range of smart wearable scanning recognition products with completely independent intellectual property rights, help users improve efficiency and improve the operating experience. Although the product has not been introduced to the market for a long time, it has achieved the expected results in a group of users such as DHL, Jingdong, SF, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Baishi, Xiaomi, and Bestore, and has exported to international users in more than ten countries and regions.