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Small Badge, Big Breakthrough! First Thermometry Badge Scanner with High Precision and All-weather Work!!

Released on Mar. 12, 2020


Small Badge, Big Breakthrough! First Thermometry Badge Scanner with High Precision and All-weather Work!!

The saying, Excellent doctors prevent illnesses’, went back to Superior healers cure the obscure disease, not the manifested ones in Huangdi Neijing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor). The word cure in this sentence means management and curing obscure disease indicates taking corresponding measures to prevent outbreak and development of disease.

At present, most people have a basic idea that prevention is more important than treatment. Body temperature measurement is one of the important methods to prevent and diagnose disease. Monitoring temperature is the only way to record specific numerical values with operability.

Doctors and nurses check illness initially through body temperature measurement; the key of disease prevention in families is body temperature measurement; the basic defense in a truly effective and efficient public epidemic preventing system is also body temperature measurement.

China has accessed Minamata Convention on Mercury to prevent mercury pollution in 2013 and production and use of mercury thermometers must be stopped in 2020. In this case, high-speed infrared thermometry in level of diagnosis and treatment is a necessary choice. 3 major problems of infrared radiation thermometer exist:

Low measurement accuracy;

Data cannot be uploaded to the server;

Information of ID card/Hospital barcode, time and place cannot be collected at the same time.

In the face of health and disease protection, high-accuracy, all-weather, high-speed, and non-contact infrared thermometers are the rigid demand. High-accuracy thermometry is the precondition of implementing Minamata Convention on Mercury.

HYCO Technology’s first K18 smart thermometry badge scanner


Small Badge, Big Breakthrough! First Thermometry Badge Scanner with High Precision and All-weather Work!!

Weight 60g, thickness 7.2mm

After long-term research and development, especially algorithm optimization, HYCO Technology broke through high accuracy and all-weather work , which caused problems to global industry, successfully: K18 smart thermometry badge scanner with integration of scanning and thermometry.

Main Features of K18 Smart Thermometry Badge Scanner

High Precision: Medical precision 0.1, scientific research precision 0.05

All-weather work: Keeping precision of 0.1at environment temperature of -5~45

Non-contact usage: to avoid cross contamination

High speed: 0.1 second

At present, accuracy of the infrared thermometers on the market can only achieve 0.3~0.5, and most thermometers have serious errors and even go down at low temperatures.

Traditional infrared radiation thermometers, in hospitals, can be only used for preliminary screening. The final basis for diagnosis depends on other accurate thermometry methods, which causes low efficiency. Because of the errors in family temperature measurement, that blind treatment harms children happens occasionally.

HYCO Technology improved thermometry accuracy to the level of practical diagnosis due to long-term algorithm accumulation and experience of product premiumising. The accuracy basically meets medical level (0.1). The accuracy of scientific research level was improved to 0.05, while the resolution was improved to 0.01.

The former recheck process includes preliminary screening by infrared thermometers and rechecking by mercury thermometers, which is time-consuming and laborious. The maximum value of such accuracy is increasing efficiency and avoids the recheck process. So working efficiency and effectiveness in hospital diagnosis and family prevention are greatly enhanced!

Distinctive and unique advantages

Other unique advantages of HYCO Technology make K18 differ from other non-contact infrared thermometers: wearable.

Unique advantages of K18 Smart Thermometry Badge Scanner

Wearable product: to increase efficiency

Low-power technology: stable work for a long time

Integration: support for barcode/2D barcode/ID card/passport scanning, build-in RFID attendance card

Cloud connection: data automatically connects to a cloud server for big data analytics.

The wearable design makes operation more convenient. While measuring temperature, information of ID card/passport, hospital barcode, time and location can be collected at the same time. The data automatically connects to the cloud server and be uploaded instantly, which has the application value of big data.

K18 Smart Thermometry Badge Scanner vs. Congeneric Products

Small Badge, Big Breakthrough! First Thermometry Badge Scanner with High Precision and All-weather Work!!

K18 Smart Thermometry Badge Scanner can be widely used in conditions of patient monitoring by doctors and nurses, family prevention for health, public epidemic preventing system and fire pre-warning in property management patrol.