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Cheat proof tips! How to distinguish the true and false temperature measuring guns

Released on Mar. 06, 2020


Anti-fraud Tips I How to distinguish between authentic and spurious thermometers

During the prevention and control of Coronavirus, the gentle "one shot" given on our foreheads by various body temperature has become an important part on preventing the spread of the epidemic and ensuring the safety of our population. Therefore, the significance of thermometers’ role in this anti-epidemic process speaks for itself.

                         Cheat proof tips! How to distinguish the true and false temperature measuring guns

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Under the epidemic situation, the market for thermometers was “upgrading” madly, and everyone became edginess. “Heroes” were dispatched in various ways. Thousands of spurious, inaccurate, and crudely manufactured thermometers has been poured into the market, and the amount is more and more excessive. What’s even worse is that when selling the thermometers, those profit-mongers would take deposits even though they only have the blueprint downloaded from the internet. As long as people dare to buy, they dare to sell.

Upon the situation discussed, people are most concerned about how to distinguish between real and fake thermometers to prevent them from being deceived nowadays. Thus, here we will popularize some common types of fake thermometers and the characteristics of the real thermometers that can accurately monitor our body temperature.

Here is the most fake thermometer

This type of “thermometer” is merely a shell equipped with the surface of a temperature measuring gun. Neither is there temperature measuring circuit inside and nor it displays the temperature. If nothing appears after the measuring process, it is the most fake thermometer, which is relatively obvious and easy to identify.         

Deceptive thermometer lies

The deceptive thermometers do not have a temperature sensor at all. There is a simple display on the screen, but it only shows a fixed value, such as 36.5 ℃ or 37.0 ℃. And it is that value, always and forever.

Identification method: Measure by pointing the thermometer towards the forehead of the tested person, and then measure the temperature on the center of the palm, or simply measure against the air. If the value displayed is a constant value, then it belongs to this type of fake thermometers.             

Only money matters to mercenaries

Crudely manufactured thermometers are “genius” tools for those money-first profit-mongers to gain dividends in situation of COVID-19. And being the most harmful one, this type of thermometers is not easy to identify. The basic characteristic of this type of thermometers is that the temperature measurement is inaccurate, and the errors can be surprisingly big--even the body temperature of a living person can be measured below 32 ° C.  Everyone knows what it means tobe below 32 ° C. It means he/she could be pulled directly to the cremation!

One of ours colleague specially bought a branded thermometer for the convenience of measuring the body temperature of her child during Lunar New Year. She used it to measure her child’s body temperature, and the thermometer showed 38 ℃. The condition of COVID-19 was not that bad at that moment yet, so she treated as fever and used all kinds of physical cooling on her child. However, the strange thing was that the value had been hovering at 38 ℃, so the colleague got suspicious. Therefore, she bought a mercury thermometer to verify. Not-so-surprisingly, she found out the value measured by the infrared thermometer was too high, and the accuracy was too low. What’s worse,  her child had a more severe cold and cough due to the process of physical cooling that should not be conducted.

Ms. Huang, who returned to Beijing from Wuhan, stirred the nerves of the whole country. She was taken back from Wuhan to Beijing by her family all the way even though she already showed a sign of fever. During the entire trip , the time she left Wuhan and till she returned to the residential area in Beijing earlier next morning, she must have taken multiple temperature measurements. Unfortunately,  there was no alarm prompt ever since. How could her body temperature tested be so normal every time even if she was experiencing a fever? Ironically, the thermometers which were supposed to play a significant part in the prevention and control of COVID-19 lost their credibility completely.

 Mercenaries lie to get deposits even if their products are actually out of stock

If someone tells you that the thermometer is in stock and in production, and even showed you the blueprint for proof, but you’ll have to pay a deposit before picking it up, please do not believe it! That is only for those who are anxious to purchase a thermometer. He/she makes a beautiful "promise" just to set a trap and lure you to fall for it. If you really pay the deposit, you will never hear from him/her ever again.

Recently, there’s a  live broadcast said that a company claimed to have 2.5 million thermometers and was trying to swindle funds. The use of these 2.5 million thermometers in empty checks has converged funds in various places to deceive people who are eager to purchase thermometers. It’s just to satiate profit-mongers’ selfish desires, which is extremely toxic to the society.

The dangers of spurious thermometers
Temperature monitoring is the only method in public epidemic surveillance that is operable and can record specific values. If an abnormality of the body temperature can be detected quickly and accurately, it is beneficial  for not only individuals but the entire Coronavirus prevention war.

Nevertheless, if a deceptive thermometer is used in a public epidemic prevention area, the consequences will be disastrous. It's like a soldier fighting with a toy gun. Even if the soldier is being dutifully, it's still just a display. Due to inaccurate monitoring, it may be possible to put in real people in trouble, from a small company to a large building to a block or a park.

In hospitals, the inaccuracy of the medical thermometers used by doctors and nurses is even worse. Current infrared thermometers have low measurement accuracy and can only be used for initial screening of patients. If incorrect judgments are made due to large deviations in the measured data, the erroneous treatment of patients will have unbearable consequences.

We buy thermometers for family members to better prevent the epidemic and protect the lives, especially children and the elderlies. We hope that through body temperature measurement, we can timely and accurately monitor our physical health, and take good protection in advance. Nonetheless, a fake thermometer with wrong data brings us deceptive perceptions, and we might even get sick when we’re actually healthy from preventing in an incorrect way.

Key features of authentic thermometers
So what standards should an authentic and accurate infrared thermometer have, here are some key points for your reference.

High accuracy with accurate temperature measurement

Working all-weather, especially in winter without "strike", even rapid changes in ambient temperature can be accurately tested

The measurement process is fast and efficient enough

Non-contact measurement to prevent cross infection with suitable measuring distance

High-precision all-weather high-speed non-contact smart thermo-badge foreshow

Through a long period of research and development, especially algorithm optimization, Hyco Technology successfully broke through the high-precision and all-weather problem, which has been tough throughout the industry, and launched the K18 smart temperature-measuring badge. It integrates scanning and temperature measuring with 2 in 1 integrated solutions.

Main features of K18 smart temperature-measuring badge 

High accuracy: medical level 0.1 , scientific level 0.05  

All-weather: guaranteed to work in wide range of -5  ~ 45  with accuracy of 0.1

Non-contact: avoid cross infection

High speed: measuring process only takes 0.1 seconds

It is the first time in the world to reach the practical level of diagnosis and treatment