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W26 Ring Scanner


W26 Laser Scanner, Decode 1D codes, Suitable for the supply chain,e-commence and manufacturing area.

Product description

Fast decode barcode

Reliable,IP66 protection


Performance Parameter:

Weight20 g (not including ring strap)
Ring strap10 sets (5 different sizes)
Scanner module  HYCO Laser Ring Scanner
Light wayStraight out
BluetoothBT4.2, BLE
Status indicatorLED indicator with three colors tellingdifferent scanning status and Bluetooth connection status
vibration reminderSupport
Charging  With the function of USB Dock Station, act as Bluetooth adapter of PC
Operating time18 hours (scan per 3 seconds)
Scan buttonTouch left or right side
To wearAt index finger on left or right hand
IP levelIP66
Drop ratingFunctions normally after repeated 3 meters drops to concrete
Operating Temp-10℃ ~ +50℃