W28 2D Ring Scanner
2D Ring Scanner

Omnidirectional Scanning
Reading Barcodes/2D codes
Long, General and Macro Type of Scanning Distance

2D Codes
Practical Ring Scanner

After 10 years of independent R&D, HYCO Technology has achieved the goal of handiness, comfort, and long-distance and reliable Bluetooth connection.Users could wear HYCO ring scanner on any finger on either hand (index finger is suggested). With a light touch on both sides of the scanner, they can complete fast scanning by aligning the crosshair cursor with the codes. Within a second, the data acquired will be sent to all kinds of devices and systems via Bluetooth.

Omnidirectional Scanning

Reading Codes on Special Materials: Label/Kraft Paper/Metal/Screen

Original Low-power Consumption Technique

8+ Continuous Working Hours

Low Consumption of Power, Memory, CPU Speed and Business Operation Cost

Barcode/2D Code Scanning
Barcode/2D Code Scanning
2D Codes
Our Advantages
Long-term development and core-tech of low-power consumption
20g Only

Tireless long-time wearing experience.


of and dust-proof

Three-meter Drop Test

Multiple drops in working temperature range

Comfortable Wearing

10 non-allergic straps in different sizes

Low-power Consumption

Continuous working time: 8+ hours

More Code Scanning Types

Barcode/2D code scanning

Stabilized Wireless Communication

Fast data transmission, and 50m communication distance in free space

Multiple connections

Bluetooth/USB/RS232 connection supported

IoT Applications
HYCO products and solutions are being used by DHL, Walmart, JD.com and SF Express, etc. to achieve desired effects.
Electronics Assembly Line
Vehicle Assembly Line
Accessory Assembly Line
Forklift Loading
Food Production Line
Clothing and Footwear Factories
Household Appliances Assembly Line
PLT Management
Long-term development and core-tech of low-power consumption
ScannerHYCO CMOS-Sensor Scanner
Resolution1280x800 pixcels
Code ReadingBarcodes/2D codes
Scanning DistanceLong, general or macro type
Weight20g (without strap)
Dimensions (W*D*H)38.6mm*29.0mm*22.1mm
Ring Straps10 pcs in different sizes
BluetoothBT4.2, BLE
LED IndicatorRGB LED (programmable)
Vibration IndicatorSupported
Battery 200mAh@3.7V
Charging Cradle With USB dongle and Bluetooth adapter
Battery Life8 hours (when fully charged with 15-20cm depth of field, and scanning once every 5 seconds)
Scanning TriggerTouch-to-scan
IP Level IP66
Drop Test3 meters
Operating Temperature-10℃ to 50℃(14℉ to 122℉)
Humidity0%-95%RH (non condensing)
Specifications subject to change without notice
Optional Parts
C20 Smart Charger
Charging ten Ring Scanners together
W2X Charging Cradle
Charging one single Ring Scanner
Ring Straps
10 straps in different sizes
Power Adapter
General Ring Scanner power adapter
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